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28 November 2012 @ 10:17 pm
The cat ran across my android and woke it up.

I never imagined that sentence might be a part of my lifestyle -- well, maybe when I was under 15 and was certain that the year 2000 would feature private jet cars, mars colonies, and friendly robots.

Those who know I was trying to do NaNoWriMo might be surprised at my complete lack of udates. The truth is, attracted by current low prices, I got a cheap Android tablet pc. My excuse - I could get a keyboard and have something to work on my writing on when away from home. Also, I was technologically still back a decade or so.

In the week and a half I have owned the thing, I have been trapped in a continual spiral of trying to make stuff work. (Stuff, BTW, which has nothing to do with writing. The keyboard and downloaded word processor seem to work fine, and will even let me dictate instead of type. Coolio!)

Here's a list of how I have wast-- (cough) spent the last ten days.

1. Freaked out when it went to sleep and I had no idea how to wake it.
2. Learned to download apps while in the library, using their wireless connection.
3. Downloaded way more apps than I needed.
4. Played with them all.
5. Learned to connect the thing with my Mac. It took a few tries.
6. Put some downloaded anime on it that I had never watched because I hate watching TV on the computer.
7. Found out through trial and error that there was no way to have the subtitles show.
8. Downloaded player that showed subtitles.
9. Found out I really needed a SD memory card. Ordered one.
10. Tried to connect my Mac with the tablet using the 'wireless hotspot' feature. They connected, but I couldn't figure out how to make anything happen with that.
11. Found out I had messed up my wireless system and could no longer connect at the library.
12. Found a program that could fix my wireless, except I couldn't download it without wireless.
13. Wireless miraculously fixed itself.
14. Tried to download the fix-it program for future eventualities, but found out I would have to hack my operating system to install it. Not going to happen, at least not yet.
15. Got the SD memory card. Couldn't figure out how to install it and make it work. Finally discovered that I needed to push it into the slot farther than humanly possible without the aid of tweezers or other thin implement.
16. Eventually got that working. In the meantime, I deleted apps to save space, accidentally deleting the only wallpaper on the thing I liked.
17. Went shopping for new wallpapers.
18. Tried to make my Commodore 64 emulator app work. With little success.
19. Hooked up the HDMI port with my TV. Found out after much research that, though there is an HDMI port, Android apparently will not use it for anything.
20. Cheap, crappy AC adapter fell apart.
21. Welded it back together and ordered a spare. I didn't have any solder for the loose wire (one of the prongs pulled out, fortunately it was easily disassembled to fix) so I had to find another old piece of junky electronics and try to scrape enough solder off the circuit board to stick the wire back on the loose prong and stick it all back in place. (it WORKS!!!!)

Not listed: endless hours of playing Angry Birds, Dragon Fly Free, Where's My Perry, Winter Walk, Lair Defense: Dungeon, Inotia 3, and Nun Attack.

Now that I've finally got the thing beaten into submission, it will probably die. :D
06 November 2012 @ 11:31 pm
My garlic-burned fingers now have all the skin peeling off them. Ick!

But I can now safely answer my telephone, knowing it won't be a pollster, a political advertisement, or a political donation request. :D Honest, I haven't picked up the phone for two weeks, unless I heard a voice I knew talking to the answering machine.
24 October 2012 @ 11:37 pm
Did you know you can actually get burns and blisters from garlic? I finished grating five heads of garlic, and it took about half an hour of soaking my right hand in cold water before it stopped burning. I hope that I will remember to wear gloves or use the little crank grater next time. No actual blisters, but the fingers feel a bit swollen.

Five heads is more than I usually use, by the way. :D
24 October 2012 @ 07:54 pm
All my free time has been spoken for lately...

1. Spent the last few months drawing a webcomic, which is now being featured on Tigersmouth.org, the American Go Foundation's kids website, just as I have to put it aside for other stuff.

2. This Week - Preparing for this year's Anime Halloween at the library, which means peeling and chopping gallons of potatoes, carrots and onions for the curry, and making bean paste in preparation for spending about 6 hours Friday night making Taiyaki. I hope my bad kneew can stand being at the stove that long, no pun intended. The nice thing about all the chopping and peeling time is I get to watch a lot of TV and movies.

Watching Season 1 of Pushing Daisies at the moment as I peel 5 heads of garlic, and loving it.

3. Looking forward in trepidation to NoNoWriMo. If I crash and burn, I will go back and finish my Aji's Quest comic book, then finally get back to Castle Crabapple 2.
03 September 2012 @ 08:07 am
I've been working hard on Aji's Quest, lately. Twelve pages are online, now. Last night I had to revamp my website and add HTML pages for Aji, so that people have a 'next page' button to click on. In this day and age of WYSIWYG editors and incredibly complax coding and scripting, it seems strange to make basic HTML pages again.

And it's amazing how hard it is to find a simple, free HTML editor these days! I mean, yes, you can use any word processing program, but Word adds in tons of extraneous, indecipherable code, and the no-frills text editors do weird things to a coded page. Fortunately I found an old copy of Taco HTML, from when it was freeware, on my storage drive. Six or seven lines of HTML, and I had my comic pages.

(Actually, I recycled the page I made for Retired Galactic Presidents, just had to edit links and colors.)

(And actually, also, I really miss HTML Pro, my favorite HTML editor of all, which was never updated for Os X.)

Weirdly, my last post--the one about my Tsukikage Ran cels--keeps getting spammed in foreign languages. I used to get spam on here occasionally, but it usually targeted really old posts. Wonder what's in that last post to keep attracting spammers?
26 August 2012 @ 08:20 pm
Wow, every time I come here and check my Friends page lately, nobody has posted but George R.R. Martin and some guy with a Russian name who posts pictures in the Drawings group. Where has everyone gone?

Today I came across a website where someone had their anime cels posted. I have two cels from Tsukikage Ran, which I consider treasures. :D So I thought I might as well scan them in and show them off.


18 August 2012 @ 10:44 am
Well, Ripley hasn't had many more twitching sessions.

The website is done, the Facebook page has enough likes, and the book is selling. :D

Weirdly, last night I dreamed I was in the Hunger Games. I listened to the books on audio about a month ago, liked them, but I'm not a huge fan, so I wonder why I had this dream at all. Anyway, I was from the diamond-mining district, and the item I took in with me was a huge Swiss Army-type knife with a million blades and a watch. I grabbed a package at the Cornucopia with a sledgehammer, pickaxe, and a couple of tiny houses that could expand to full sized shelters. Then I ran off until my cat Ripley found me and showed me a place to set up the house on a cliff, but it fell off. When I went below to get it, I found a cave with some sort of mineshaft in it. About then I woke up.

My alarm clock, which has been refusing to work on the mornings I need it, suddenly found its voice again on the morning I could sleep in!

Last night we had an outdoor movie at the library -- The Secret World of Arrietty. I liked it much better the second time I saw it, since I was no longer expecting typical Studio Ghibli weirdness and plot-twistiness. It was cold out, but the mosquitoes weren't too bad.
08 August 2012 @ 09:08 am
Woot! The book has gone live! It's available on Amazon and Createspace!



I am still working on the website update, and iWeb is giving me tons of trouble. I miss the good old days of simple HTML! HTML Pro was the easiest, simplest program to use, with minial HTML knowledge. Sadly, it only worked on Classic Mac Os. :(

Adding to my stress, Ripley was acting really weird this morning, twitching and thumping her back leg, lashing her tail and licking herself like crazy. She seemed like she was on a major caffeine overdose. The symptoms seem to match Feline Hyperesthesia. It was only for a little while, hope that it isn't a recurring problem. The websiotes also say it can be cause by hypothyroidism (I dount it) or allergies. Maybe there's something in Meow Mix that doesn't agree with her. It isn't our usual brand, but I got a good buy on a damaged bag.
03 August 2012 @ 08:26 pm
I got back another proof today.

You can still see the front wrapping around the spine a little bit.

The colors are darker than they should be, but not as dark as the ones that really irritated me. Herbie is darker, but you can still see the shading on him, unlike the navy-blue versions.

I notice (my own fault) that the #1 on the spine crept up from its centered position. Lettering will do that in Corel Painter when something is saved, closed and re-opened. I ought to have checked.

But...I have like five or six proof copies already. Experience has told me that trying to fix the problem and fixing the problem are mutually exclusive.

I may approve it at last, just to have it done with. It is acceptable.

But not perfect. And I always think of that episode of Northern Exposure, where Maurice buys the huge, antique carillon clock, then throws a fit when he discovers it doesn't keep proper time. Then the German clock dude tells Maurice he is an idiot, and doesn't deserve the clock, and packs it up to take back to Germany. Maurice apologizes in the end, and begs the clock dude to leave the clock with him, so that he can enjoy its beauty over the years. But at the end of the episode, they show Maurice sitting and looking at the clock, and though he doesn't say anything, you can tell that it's just EATING at him that the clock's time is off....
29 July 2012 @ 07:24 pm
The heat wave broke for the weekend, thank goodness.

I can tell that the county fair down the street is ending, because I keep hearing sheep (goats?) riding home down Main Street, baa-ing all the way.

I am sick to death of re-doing my book cover art to try to get the spine looking decent. Uploaded about the tenth version today. However it looks, as long as they don't screw up the colors again, I think I'll accept the next one.

Go Club is being awesome. We have had between 4 and 12 people showing up for every meeting all summer. Sam went down to two handicap stones, and still beat me and Neil. We are cutting him down to even games! :D Josh is buying his own board and stones. And I finally beat an evenly-ranked human on KGS again. I have discovered what mymost recent fatal weakness is.

As much as I should be working on the sequel to Witches of Castle Crabapple, I really want to draw my Go-related Aji's Quest comic book. With any luck, it will attract people to my website, anyway.

The pic below is the smaller version of an Aji coloring page that will be on the revamp of my website. There will be Castle Crabapple coloring pages, too. (Just illustrations from the book, at large size.) But I won't be uploading the new version until I can fill in the 'Where to buy' links. Also, I have to choose what of my old website can stay and what has to be torn out to make room. Fitting into 10mb is hard.